Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Tuesday Travel Tips: Reader Suggestions

A BIG THANKS to all of these wonderful reader & twitter submissions:

Can You Hear Me?
When we travel to Florida each summer, we go with several families and are caravanning.  In the past, we have used walkie-talkies to communicate, which is always fun for the kids.  But now, in the day & age of cell phones, we have multiple ways to communicate and our kids love it - texting, tweeting, hey telling - they do it all!
Jen, Texas

In Case of Emergency....
Before setting off for the day of sightseeing, form your own rules about what your child should do in case he gets lost or separated from your family or traveling group.  We always pick a meeting point near the entrance.  Also, we dress our kids in bright colors so they stand out in a crowd.
Lisa,  Illinois

Frequent Fliers!
Don't forget to sign your kids up as frequent fliers in your favorite airline too!!!
Anne,  Texas

A Postcard Diary
We get postcards from every stop we make and write our days summary on them. Once we get home, we slip them in a photo album with plastic dividers and we have our travel documented instantly!
Becca, Texas

It's As Easy as a Ball
This summer, our son's favorite toy while driving in the car from Los Angeles to New Mexico was a blown up beach ball.  He would blow it up and then let the air out of it.  It kept him entertained for hours.  Sometimes it can be that simple.
Marnie,  California

Thank you for all these great tips ladies!  If you have an ideal travel tip, please leave it in a comment below or email it to us at rebecca@rwethereyetmom.com.  It might get featured on our next Reader Suggestions edition of Tuesday Travel Tips.

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Connie said...

I love that post card tip!

Date Girl said...

Ditto what Connie said. I'm totally stealing the post card idea. What a great way to document the trip!