Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Trail of Lights ~ Austin, TX

I love a good light display!  I mean, who doesn't??  Nothing says "CHRISTMAS" than a ton of twinkly lights!!  Especially when it's right next door to you!  Have y'all seen this picture floating around the internet?

Each year, we make sure to find the nearest lights display and schedule an evening of family time to see the displays.  

Our first year living in Central Texas, we ventured down to the Zilker Park in Downtown Austin (home of a well-know music festival, ACL) to see the "Trail of Lights".
 This was a free light display hosted by the City of Austin.  Consisting of a half-mile walk through some amazing light displays.  Unfortunately, the pictures really do not show how wonderful the displays really are.....
 twinkling trees in all colors
fun character displays
But the best part of the display is the Zilker Tree.  The Zilker Tree Stands 155 feet tall and is composed of 39 streamers, each holding 81 multicolored, 25 watt bulbs, totaling 3,309 lights. At the top of the tree, a double star measures 10 feet from point to point. The double star displays 150 frosted bulbs. This unique spiral pattern of lights was created by City of Austin electricians. At its circumference, the tree measures 380 feet. The diameter is 120 feet. The base of the tree is made up of 19 utility poles, each 14 feet tall, arranged in a circle around the Moonlight Tower.
Tradition is to go under the tree, look up, and spin around.  But don't drink your hot chocolate before doing that!  I can be quite disorienting.

The whole event is a wonderful evening with yummy snacks, charming Holiday music, and smiles all around.  It is such a fun experience.

Do you have a light festival where you call home?

Unfortunately, due to the high cost of the Trail of Lights, the City of Austin has discontinued it for the past few years.  The Zilker Tree is still lit each year, but we wait patiently for the Trail to become illuminated once again.


blueviolet said...

I hope it comes back eventually, but I can understand that it would be crazy expensive to have all the lights illuminated. But wow, it's gorgeous!

Lisa said...

I love a good light display too but that "ditto" house is my absolute favourite!

Amber said...

There is something like that in our area, I haven't gone to it but I hear good things.

One of my favorite holiday traditions is simply driving around looking at all the lights!

Connie said...

Many, many years ago....I went to something similar in Dallas.

That is a lot of lights!