Thursday, March 22, 2012


The Best Vacation Pictures

Do you take pictures on your vacation?  Just a few? Or TONS and TONS? Only to get home and not do anything with them?  So why bother taking so many pictures in the first place, right??

Don't do this.  Please.  Take pictures.  Take TONS of pictures. 

Here's why - Each and every picture you take tells a story, holds a memory, and invokes a feeling that allows us to capture our happiest moments.  And when we are on vacation - away from everyday stresses of life - we are at our happiest (most of the time).  Why would you not want to remember all these great memories?

Ask any of my family members and they will tell you I take a ton of pictures - I'm the unofficial photographer of any event, always with my Nikon slung over my shoulder.  I do happen to get a tiny bit obsessive when it comes to capturing our moments.  That's only becausee I am not a good photographer - I practice and practice, but out of 100, I'll get maybe 10% that I actually like.

Take for instance Spring Break last week.  Within 7 days, I took 1403 pictures with both my Nikon and my iPhone.  Yep.  I took pictures of everything - from posed kids in front of signs, to dirty hands picking strawberries, to laughing kids on amusement park rides - I snapped away.  

Of those 1400+ pictures, I capture some amazing moments that tell a story - that make me smile remembering the way the moment felt - that I want to remember forever.

Moments like these:
 My 2 year old's first official amusement park ride.  I remember him patiently waiting to get on, being upset as the gate shut right in front of us, so we had to wait for the next ride, and then his sweet baby boy laughter as we went around in circles.
 My big girl's moment to conquer her fear of big roller coasters - she was nervous but came out ready to ride it again!
 Who cares where we were - how could you not want this moment preserved forever?
 My oldest son's obsession with sharks - he stood there for 20 minutes watching all the sharks swim by - he was enthralled and that makes this momma happy.
 Another big moment for my son - I was thrilled to see his excitement and rapt attention to the guide as we looked at Mammoth Bones - an experience I was again happy to provide.
 The baby's was thrilled to play with farm animals this past week - he fed 5 week old baby goats, mooed with cows, petted horses, and ran with chickens - all moments I captured.
 How about taking a 30 minute break under a giant oak tree on the banks of a front of the Texas White House to boot.  I will remember that moment of relaxation and down time - it was sweet.
 and more....
 and more...
I honestly could go on & on...remember, I have over 1400.....

But that is not the purpose of this post.  What I'd love for you to take away is to capture the moments of your vacation - capture the smiles, the awe, the giggles, the fun...and your memories will last long after the vacation laundry is done (ugh) and everyone is back into a routine.

You don' need a fancy camera to take the pictures with - some of my favorites from this last week came from Instagram on my iPhone - just take them.

That said, I want to see your favorite Spring Break picture!  If you would be so obliged, please send me your favorites - I would love to feature them on here and on our Facebook Page next week.  Send me the picture that sums up your Spring Break week - the ones with laughter or tears - maybe it's the gorgeous scenery? Or the best BBQ (oh- I have one of those!).  Email your photo to 

And don't forget to link up with us tomorrow on Friday Daydreamin'.  Tell us a little about your Spring Break - or if you haven't gone yet - tell us where you are going!  I want to continue to daydream about Spring Break a little longer!


Devon Riesenberg said...

A girl after my own heart!!
I couldn't agree more with your picture philosophy--even if if means annoying the heck out of my husband ;)

You take wonderful pictures and they all capture the beauty of family/childhood memories. Not only do I take loads of photos, I journal them, blog them, and frame them too!!

I'll send you my very favorite snapshot from spring break this past week :)

Mary @ The World Is A Book said...

Love all these precious pictures, Becca! I believe we can never take enough pictures of kids especially when they're enjoying themselves. Glad you had a great Spring Break. we're just starting ours next week.

Myya said...

What fantastic pictures! Be still my heart with the picture of Bubba & your hubs... sweetest picture ever!!!

We don't have Spring Break til next week. The weather has been so wonky that we haven't even really made solid plans. Oh geesh I need to get on the ball huh!

Lisa said...

I take tons of photos too and sometimes my family complains (well except for Emma) but they are always happy to look back on the pictures later! You got some great shots - I love the one of your little guy looking into his Daddy's face - beautiful!!

Anonymous said...

Great photos. I am interested in going to LBJ's ranch. Can you tell us more about it?

Stacy Uncorked said...

My hubby says I'm camera-happy because I always have my camera, especially on vacation...and take a zillion shots that I file on my auxiliary hard drive for future reference (and share the pivotal ones, naturally.) ;)

I don't have any Spring Break pics because we don't get Spring Break least not at Princess Nagger's school. But your Spring Break looks like so much fun! :)

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Nadine Hightower said...

I always take loads of photos... some are the exact same ones I took from the previous vacay. But when I'm old and going thru my photos, I want to remember and relive every single moment!

Impulsive Addict said...

I beg to differ. You are an amazing photographer! You always post the best pictures!! I think you're very talented. And you are so right. Pictures tell the story. I'm our official photographer for any even on either side of the family. It's like nobody else cares to snap pictures and I can't understand why! My mom kept Emma for 3 days while we attended a wedding in East Texas (boy...that was an experience) and I asked her if she took pics. Guess what? She didn't. Not one single picture. I came back with 84 just from the wedding!!

Thanks for linking up my dear sweet IRL friend!! Love Love!

Shawn said...

I so wish I had your camera skills. Taking a photography class in 2012 is on my 52 things in 52 weeks list....I need to get on that!

I take a lot of pictures, the hard part is deleting the ones I don't like or want. Even though I don't like them it's still hard to hit the trash button!

Thanks for linking up with us!