Wednesday, March 7, 2012


A Day in Waco, Texas

Want to plan a day trip to Waco? 
 Here are some fun ideas:

1. Play like an orangutan at the Cameron Park Zoo - this is a quiet, leisurely paced zoo that is wonderfully relaxing but with enough animals to make every animal-lover happy.

2. Learn what's really inside this beloved Texas Soda at the Dr. Pepper Museum - just kidding, it's a secret but there is tons of other fun stuff to learn about it!  Make sure you get an original Dr. Pepper in the Soda Shop before you leave!

3. Visit the Mayborn Museum on the Baylor campus - this amazing museum is a Natural History Museum, a Historic Village and a Children's Discovery Center - there is tons to see and do here!

4. View full mammoth skeletons from above at the Waco Mammoth Site -  hear the story about how over 22 mammoths were found at this one site on the edge of the Bosque River and walk over the remains on a suspended bridge - fascinating!

5. Visit the Texas Ranger Hall of Fame & Museum - Hi Ho Silver! See the "Lone Ranger Exhibit" and learn how your kiddo can become a Jr. Texas Ranger!

6. Walk across the Waco Suspension Bridge - When it was built in 1870, it was the largest suspension bridge west of the Mississippi. Now it is a fun walk, where you can imagine the cowboys pushing their cattle across it over 100 years ago!

7. Say hello to the Bears! - On the Baylor Campus, see the mascots romp & play at the Bear Habitat.

8. Grab a burger & a peanut butter shake at the Health Camp - not appropriately named, this place makes the most amazing burgers & shakes you've ever had.


MiMi said...

So am I the only one to be surprised that there is so much more to Waco than David Koresh? Or however you spell that. LOL

Sabrina said...

Nice! Now I know what to do the next time I visit my friend in Waco. I can't believe they have actual bears!