Monday, April 9, 2012


5 Great Dates in Austin, Texas

Ok parents - time to give you some ideas without the kiddos - how about this list of 5 Great Dates in Austin, Texas??  Hire a babysitter and get out there and have some fun!

Austin is full of fun.  Fun for young, hip city dwellers.  Fun for families seeking culture.  Fun for fresh-faced collegiate babies.  Even fun for those lake-dwelling snow-birds.

But fun for straight-laced suburbanites? Heck yeah!

Just call me one of those "stuffy-suburban wives who tries to be a hip Austinite." Yep, every chance I get.

When we moved here from Dallas almost 4 years ago, I was too chicken to go south of I-45 (that’s way north, y’all).  I didn’t dare venture downtown after 6 pm and I had no idea what SXSW stood for or how important it was.  But with the help from a few true Austinites, all that soon changed.

Our friends showed us what made Austin so unique, so laid-back, and so much fun.  We came to appreciate all there is to do here and soaked it in as much as possible. 

Hubby & I have discovered some pretty cool things to do on a date here in Austin – things you could never find in any “ordinary town.“ And so, whether it be your first or 21st, here are 5 fun & unique dates that will leave a lasting impression:

1. Take in some culture at the Cathedral of Junk.  Located in South Austin, this amazing, 3-storied structure made entirely of things you’d find in a junkyard, will impress anyone. 

2. Another fun way to take in some local art is to take a pedicab ride around town to see all the Austin Murals.  Get your picture taken by the famed “Greetings from Austin” postcard and smooch your sweetie by “i love you so much”.  Aww….that’s cute.

3. Go Trailer-hopping for dinner.  Over the past few years, the trailer food has gone gourmet! Some of our favorite meals have been discovered this way.  With several locations to choose from, many food trailer parks have live music, picnic tables, and strung up twinkly lights for a fun atmosphere.
4. Escape to nature with an easy climb up Mt. Bonnell at sunset.  Bring along a blanket, picnic basket, and a bottle of wine.  Imagine how relaxing it would be to sip your favorite chardonnay while the sun dips down in the sky.  Ahhh romance…
5. Plan an all day excursion to the Hill Country with a hike up Enchanted Rock.  If endurance is your game, this is a perfect treat for those seeing fun outdoors.  Plenty of climbs and trails to keep you busy all day, but a girl’s got to eat.  Why not finish early and have a lovely dinner at one of the numerous wineries in Fredericksburg or Stonewall?
And this just the tip of the ice-burg! There are so many incredibly fun things to do here! What is your favorite?


Connie Weiss said...

I told Keith on Saturday that I was going to take him on a date to eat at a food truck and he laughed at me.

Whit said...

Such a great post in some awesome spots. You know I have been here 7 years now and still haven't been to the painted Austin art to take pics, must change that soon!

MiMi said...

I wanna go trailer hopping!

Sabrina said...

These sound like great ideas! I've been wanting to eat the trailers for a while now. Next time I'm in Austin, that will be a must!