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SeaWorld San Antonio ~ For Kids!

SeaWorld San Antonio unveils an new and spectacular water park this weekend, Aquatica!! Inspired by the islands of the South Seas, Aquatica offers animal encounters combined with water-rides - the kind of water park only SeaWorld could make - We can't wait to go!

In honor of the grand opening on Friday, May 19, our posts this week will be all about the fun that you & your family can have at SeaWorld San Antonio!
I put off going to SeaWorld for a long time because of my kids' ages.  I assumed the rides would all be "too big" for them and there would be nothing for my toddler to do.  I could kick myself for that!!  SeaWorld has something for every age.  Over the past 2 days, I have shown you what amazing animals and entertainment SeaWorld SanAntonio has to offer, now let me tell you about all the fun for the kiddos - especially the younger ones.

When we visited in March, we were with two 10-year-olds, two 8-year-olds and one 2-year-old.  I was worried - honestly, I thought it was going to be a nightmare day with my toddler not having anything to ride on or do while the big kids had a blast.  I could not have been more wrong.
Every single show captured his attention - especially the animals leaping out of the water.  I delighted in seeing him ohh & ahh at their display.

The crowds were BIG, so you had to get to the shows pretty early to catch a good seat.  Luckily, there is GREAT pre-show entertainment that kept us laughing! Each show has their own unique way of keeping the audience occupied before the show begins and it is so very helpful with the kiddos!

Many times, we would get to the shows 45-30 mins ahead of time to catch a bench to rest on and one of the adults would take the kids over to the Sesame Street Bay of Play to let them play for a little bit.
The Sesame Street Bay of Play is 3 whole acres of fun for kiddos!  There are nets to climb, bridges & tunnels to cross, a huge water area to cool off at, and a special toddler playground for 3 and under.  You will also find many rides that are thrilling for the younger set -including a roller coaster! Whee!!

This area is pretty big, so be prepared to play along with your kiddos to keep an eye on them.
My guy also enjoyed the many character sightings and shows that were available throughout the day here at the Sesame Street Bay of Play.  Lastly, there is a fun 4-D movie for the kids to enjoy all their favorite characters.
The animals really entranced my 2 year old. He loved the Sharks & Coral Reef as well as the Dolphin Cove - I never thought he would love to watch the animals as much as he did.
And of course, he got his fill of fun treats that day.  Isn't that the way it is supposed to be at a theme park, no matter what the age?

My recommendation?  Any age will enjoy SeaWorld San Antonio - don't wait to find the right age to take your kids - they are at it now!

Join us all this week as I breakdown all the other entertainment SeaWorld provides, give you a good idea of all the fun SeaWorld offers for small kiddos, and a breakdown of some cool things to know before you head to the park this summer.

Texas Travel Facts for SeaWorld San Antonio:
Location: 10500 SeaWorld Drive
Hours: Vary based on month - click here
Admission: Varies - search for deals or buy your tickets online to save money and time waiting at the park
Recommended Time: All Day
Good to know: Check the website for park hours & show times the day you want to go; can bring your own strollers with few drinks & individually wrapped snacks for little ones; can rent strollers; buy parking pass online to save a few dollars

My family and I were invited to visit the park and were provided admission. I was not financially compensated for this post.  All opinions of SeaWorld San Antonio are strictly my own based on my experience.  

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Emmy said...

I have never been to Sea World in CA- but I have been to Sea World in Ohio, though pretty sure that one is closed down. Looks like fun