Tuesday, May 15, 2012


SeaWorld San Antonio ~ The Rides

SeaWorld San Antonio unveils an new and spectacular water park this weekend, Aquatica!! Inspired by the islands of the South Seas, Aquatica offers animal encounters combined with water-rides - the kind of water park only SeaWorld could make - We can't wait to go!

In honor of the grand opening on Friday, May 19, our posts this week will be all about the fun that you & your family can have at SeaWorld San Antonio!
Yesterday, we spoke of all the amazing animal encounters you & your family can have at SeaWorld San Antonio. Today, let's talk a little about some of the other ways SeaWorld can thrill you besides a 5000 lb killer whale leaping out of the water on command (as if that wasn't thrilling enough...).
Hands down, SeaWorld San Antonio has some pretty awesome rides.  I love the fact that their rides accommodate everyone.....from the thrill-seeking Dad to the wimpy Mom, to the kids who want to get soaked, and the younger ones who want to experience their first roller coaster.....SeaWorld has something for everyone.

My daughter is not a thrill-seeker and BIG roller coasters are NOT her thing, until the Steel Eel tempted her - she rode it 3 times that day!  We were there on a pretty busy day and her wait was never longer than15 minutes!
There are a few "wet" rides for those that want to cool down in the hot months.  This momma doe not like walking around in wet clothes, so I will opt out.  But I did see a few "body dryers" near the water rides.  Seriously! For $5, you can get blown dry - not a bad idea!
And I do love that there are a ton of fun rides for the little ones.  What is cuter than seeing the joy of your sweet little one's face as they ride an amusement park ride for the first time??  Go on, put your hands up & go "whee!" with them!  Wait times tended to be long for these rides, so it makes sense to hit these early in the day.
Lastly, as I mentioned yesterday, the shows are incredibly entertaining.  Everyone in my party enjoyed the ones we saw, especially Azul. Diving acrobatics, leaping dolphins, your token funny guy, and beautiful birds - there was a ton to watch!
What I think I loved the most about SeaWorld San Antonio's entertainment is that there is SO MUCH of it!   Despite big crowds walking around the park, the wait times to ride the big rides were nothing!  There is so much to do at SeaWorld that it seems as if everyone is dispersed pretty evenly.  It really made for a great day!

Join us all this week as I breakdown all the entertainment SeaWorld provides, give you a good idea of all the fun SeaWorld offers for small kiddos, and a breakdown of some cool things to know before you head to the park this summer.

Texas Travel Facts for SeaWorld San Antonio:
Location: 10500 SeaWorld Drive
Hours: Vary based on month - click here
Admission: Varies - search for deals or buy your tickets online to save money and time waiting at the park
Recommended Time: All Day
Good to know: Check the website for park hours & show times the day you want to go; can bring your own strollers with few drinks & individually wrapped snacks for little ones; can rent strollers; buy parking pass online to save a few dollars

My family and I were invited to visit the park and were provided admission. I was not financially compensated for this post.  All opinions of SeaWorld San Antonio are strictly my own based on my experience.  


Shawn said...

We love Sea World Orlando, it has something for everyone and is always a favorite with company!

Thanks for linking up with us!

Demetra@ThreeGirlsandaMinivan.com said...

We love Seaworld! These posts are getting me very excited to visit San Antonio.

Lisa @ Gone with the Family said...

Looks like a fun park! They have those body dryers at Universal Studios in Orlando - watching people try to get themselves dry is worth the price of admission! :)

Impulsive Addict said...

I've been there and I loved it! I can't wait until Emma is old enough to enjoy it! I think we're getting close!

Another great post for your blog! xoxo

Date Girl said...

FUN! I would love to visit a Seaworld. The closest we have is MarineWorld here, or as it's known now Six Flags Discovery Kingdom. It's terrible. I should know, I used to work there.