Monday, August 13, 2012


Omni Houston Kid's Fantasy Suite ~ Houston, Texas

Who's the genius who designed a hotel room just for kids?  Omni Houston has one - check out this amazing Kid's Fantasy Suite!

 My kids have seen their fair share of hotels - with a family that likes to travel, we have stayed in many a hotel.  Most of the time, we opt for a hotel with great kid amenities - a fun pool or game room is great to burn off any energy and kill a few hours before bedtime.

But let's face it - hotel rooms are boring for kids.  Beds, a bathroom, and a TV don't equate to much excitement.  So when I found out about Omni Houston Hotel's new Kid's Fantasy Suites, I couldn't wait to surprise my kids with this "unique" hotel room.
 The Omni Houston Hotel Kid's Fantasy Suite is simply put - a child's ultimate bedroom.  With 2 brightly colored twin beds, a basketball hoop, guitar lounge, and chalkboard wall, Omni is inviting kids to do things mom never lets them do at home - write on the walls?  play basketball? learn a guitar??
For kids, the suite is like going to a friend's house who has everything fun to play.  I think it is a brilliant idea and am so surprised that we don't see more of these.  We had been sight-seeing in Houston all week, so it was a great way to relax and de-compress before heading back out.  This would also be a fun place for the family to tag along with Dad's business trip and have a fun place to stay.
My kids were awestruck at what a fun room this was.  With an 11, 9 and 3 year old, there was something for all of them.  My little guy immediately dug into a backpack filled with books and curled up in the big chair.  My daughter loved drawing all over the chalkboard wall and my other guy popped on a basketball jersey and settled in to shoot some hoops. 
The details were amazing, from the adorable sea-themed bathroom, to the craft-filled desk.  Omni really kept all ages and all likes in mind when designing the Fantasy Suites.
 Mom and dad are right next door in a beautifully decorated room with an adjoining door.  And the Omni Houston had many great amenities for parents that allows them to relax and enjoy as much as the kids.  The Mokara Spa is a quiet oasis with great services  ~ I enjoyed a wonderfully relaxing pedicure & manicure ~ and there is a great workout facility as well.
 The Omni Houston features a gorgeous pool as well, but to be honest, my kids had so much fun playing in their suite, they had no desire to swim.  Typically, you never hear that in a hotel.  It was great for me - I let them play as I sat in the next room relaxing - win, win!
 My kids loved their suite so much, that they begged me to cancel our evening plans so we could stay in and play. Really? So we ordered room service and I was thrilled to see they had a fun kids menu that was reasonably priced.

Personally, the Omni Kid's Fantasy Suites is brilliant.  My kids did not want to sight see.  They did not want to go home.  They would have been perfectly content to go all the way to Houston just to stay there.  Of course, once we drove up to Space Center Houston, their tunes quickly changed...but that's for another post.

Well done, Omni - the Kid's Fantasy Suites are top-notch.  

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Texas Travel Facts for Omni Houston Hotel:
Location: Four Riverway, Houston, TX 
Good to Know: Located minutes from the Galleria, Houston Zoo, Houston Museum District
My family and I were invited to visit the hotel and were provided our stay. I was not financially compensated for this post.  All opinions of Omni Houston Hotel are strictly my own based on my experience.  


Michele @ Malaysian Meanders said...

This place looks fabulous! Too bad for my kids that all their grandparents live in Houston, so we'll probably never stay at the Omni.

Crystal @ Little Sightseers said...

No that is just awesome! Really seems like the thought of all the little things that could keep kids happy while staying at the Omni. I'm not sure I would be able to get my kids out of the room. Certainly a great place to relax and let the kids be kids after a lot of sight seeing. Love it!

Liam said...

That suite looks like a kid's dream! How perfect! Seems like such a fun way for kids to enjoy a hotel (and a trip) as much as the adults. The Omni Houston seems to really understand the dynamics involved in family travel!

Lisa said...

What a cool suite! And I love that the parents get a beautiful room to stay in while the kids have their fun room next door!

JDaniel4's Mom said...

This looks like an awesome place to stay and play.

Drew Barlow said...

I find the kid room so much more fun! Where is the creativity in the adult rooms?