Monday, October 22, 2012


The Dinosaur Park ~ Bastrop County, TX

The Dinosaur Park, located 20 minutes outside of Austin, is a fun, outdoor nature park filled with dinosaur replicas, perfect for a family outing.

Dinosaurs in Central Texas??  

Yes!!!!  Dino enthuasits - this is a MUST see!  The Dinosaur Park in Cedar Creek (just 25 minutes east of Austin) is a fun filled afternoon for families.
 Consider this a museum, only outdoors.  Clipboard containing a fun scavenger hunt in hand, we set off on our nature walk through the gorgeous wooded area of Bastrop County.
 Realistic life-sized dinosaur replicas are nestled in the woods, creating a fun effect as you round the bend and see a big dino!!  My 3 year old was thrilled each time he saw one.  And I'd be lying if I didn't  say that this mom was awe-struck a time or two to see one peering out at me.
 We enjoyed the plaques for each of the dinosaurs we came upon - some we had never heard before.  The facts were detailed enough to interest my big kids, yet not too scientific that they became bored.
 And we really enjoyed the scavenger hunt, telling us to look for fossils, giant dragonflies in the trees or other fun objects.  They were challenging and fun to learn about too.
 We all stepped into the fossilized footstep imprint taken from Glenrose, Texas.
 When we completed the nature walk, the kids enjoyed digging for fossils in the 2 Dino Digs.  They also have a great playscape and swings.  Take a picnic lunch - there are plenty of shaded picnic tables to relax at too.
And lastly - tons of fun photo pops!  Who can resist a picture in a giant T-Rex's head?

The Dinosaur Park is family-owned and maintained.  They have a unique story behind the creation of the park and you can see how lovingly they take care of it.  Every thing from the dinosaurs to the path is extremely well-done and even thought it has been open for more than 7 years, it looks brand-new.

During the summer, the park is open everyday, but in the off-season, it is just on weekends and school holidays. With the beautiful fall weather, this is the perfect time to enjoy a nice walk in the park....with a few friendly dinosaurs!

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Texas Travel Facts for The Dinosaur Park:
Location: 893 Union Chapel Rd. Cedar Creek, TX
Hours: Saturday & Sunday: 10:00 am - 4:00 pm (weather permitting)
Admission: $7.00 (under 24 months free)
Recommended Time: 1 hour 
Good to know: Admission is as many walks around the trail as you would like; wear comfortable walking shoes; food is welcome (no glass containers or alcohol)

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