Thursday, February 28, 2013


Austin Mural Photo Scavenger Hunt ~ Austin, TX

Looking for a new challenge this upcoming Spring Break?  Why not try our R We There Yet Mom? Austin Mural Photo Scavenger Hunt!

Austin is home to hundreds of murals and our family just love to find them.  They are all so unique and colorful and fun and free to see.  So one day, we decided to go out and find some of our favorites (and add a few new ones to the collection).  From that day, we decided to put together a fun photo scavenger hunt for you to try this Spring.  Check out the details below for a fun contest we have to go with it!

On with the Hunt!

 1. Austin Mural #1: You're my Butter Half
- 2000 E. MLK Blvd
- Located on the side of the Greater Austin United Way building
- Safe & easy to park on side street
  2. Austin Mural #2: Welcome to Historic Sixth Street
- 6th Street and I-35 frontage road
- Located on the southwest corner 
- Park on street down from it or in the parking lot across the street under I-35
- Very busy intersection - hold on to the kiddos
  3. Austin Mural #3: Live Music Capitol
- 6th & San Jacinto
- Located on south side of 6th street 
- Try to park on 6th if you are lucky
- A busy street with traffic
  4. Austin Mural #4: Texas Cattle
- San Jacinto in between 6th & 7th
- Located on northwest corner 
- Safe & easy to park San Jacinto
- Watch for traffic
  5. Austin Mural #5: I Love You So Much
- South Congress & James Street
- Located on the side of Jo's Coffee (southwest corner)
- Safe & easy to park on James street
  6. Austin Mural #6: Lucy in Disguise 
- 1506 South Congress
- Great place to stop for lunch
- Somewhat easy to park in this area (depending on the time of day)
  7. Austin Mural #7: Greetings from Austin
- Northwest corner of South 1st and Annie
- Safe & easy to park on Annie street
  8. Austin Mural #8: South Austin Music
- 1402 South Lamar
- Located on the side of the South Austin Music building 
- Safe & easy to park in the parking lot right south of the building
  9. Austin Mural #9: Threadgills
- 301 West Riverside Dr
- Safe & easy to park in parking lot
 10. Austin Mural #10: Hi How Are You
- Northwest corner of 21st & Guadalupe
- No parking on Guadalupe 
- Look for a lot on one of the side streets

We had so much find finding each one of these and taking cute photos.  As you can see from the collage below, we had a blast!


Samuel said...

Great contest! I've actually always wanted to do something like this.

Carol said...

What a fun idea! I learn more every day about why Austin is such a cool city! Thanks!

Danielle said...

If my group is just 2 people, can we alternate with one person in the picture and one person taking the picture? We just moved here so we don't have a 3rd to take the picture of the 2 of us at all the murals. :)

StarTraci said...

How fun! We're staying in town for Spring Break and this looks like a great project!

Ev said...

We wanted to do something like this before we left Austin last summer for Bogota, Colombia. You can bet we'll do it when we come home to visit this summer!

Ev said...

We wanted to do something like this before we moved away from Austin last summer, but since it was an international move (to Bogota, Colombia!) we just ran out of time. You can bet we'll be doing it when we come home to visit this summer!

Anonymous said...

SegCity now does a "Street Art Tour" that goes to a lot of the murals that are mentioned and a few others not on here. It's super fun!

Yes,its me! Mom of 3. said...

Thank you for posting where these murals are!

Anonymous said...

We did this today…in the rain…and had tons of fun! Thanks for the suggestion. Just fyi…#3 is now a different mural (apparently it changes), and #4 is just no longer there (a bar store front is there).