Saturday, March 9, 2013


10 Staycation Ideas for Spring Break

Spring Break is this month for many of us.  If you find yourself at home this break, here is a little "Staycation Inspiration" to make your break a fun one!

10 Staycation Ideas for Spring Break

1. St. Patrick's Day Photo Scavenger Hunt - Photo Scavenger hunts are on of my kids' fav things to do. Create a fun list of things to find, themed around St. Patrick's Day and head to your favorite park.  Or borrow my list here.

2. Breakfast for Dinner - We like to call it Brinner in our house. Make it special - chocolate chip pancakes with whipped cream smiles anyone?

3. Movie Marathon - Rent a couple of movies or maybe set a goal to watch all your favorites (a Harry Potter Marathon might be fun!).  Stay in your PJs all day and eat junk food. Come on mom, it's only one day!

4. Family Game Day Tournament - Make a list of all your favorite family games, create a tournament bracket and spend the day gaming, old fashioned style!

5. Geocaching - Again, another one of my kiddos' favorties - Geocaching is FREE, FUN, and educational (but don't tell your kids that!) Learn more about it here.

6. Indoor Masking Tape Race Track - Last Summer, we built an indoor racetrack for all my 3 year old's car out of masking tape.  It covered 3 rooms!  He played with that track for hours.....ok days.  It was the BEST idea.  See how we did it here.

7. Backyard Camping - Pitch a tent in your own backyard.  Get the feeling of camping, while never having to leave the comforts of home behind.

8. Tourist in your Own Town - What have you been wanting to go and see in your own town, but never made time to??  This is the week to try it!

9. Visit a Park you have never been to - Find a park you have never been too and plan a day there.  Does it have great hiking or biking trails? Take a picnic basket and explore - might discover a really cool place!

10. Visit a local farm/orchard or farmers market and make something with what you picked - We have tons of great farms around here to pick your own produce.  For example, we love our local Strawberry farm and love the sweet treats we make with our strawberries even more!

What ever you plan on doing, think outside of the box and shake things up a bit for your family this week!  Have fun!!


Sonja Hoyt said...

Great ideas! Wish I had blogs to read when my kids were little. Many of them still work with teenagers though. :)

Peter Lee said...

All these tips are very helpful to spend your time with your family. These activities are very good and one can explore new things as well as learn alot. Such trips help in building relationship with your children. I really liked the 4th and 9th points.