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10 Fun Things to Do at the Fort Worth Stockyards ~ Fort Worth, TX

1. See a Cattle Drive
What the Fort Worth Stockyards are known for, no visit is complete without watching a cattle drive.  You can see the drive daily at 11:30 am or 4:00 pm.
2. Visit the Texas Cowboy Hall of Fame
This museum in the Stockyards pays tribute to over 70 cowboys & cowgirls.  There are interactive exhibits and a fun are for children.
3. Bull Riding at Billy Bob's
Once you've learned about all the amazing Texas Cowboys, head on over to Billy Bob's to see bull riding in person.  Billy Bob's also features a large dance floor with country music headliners quite often.  And there is a big arcade, making it a fun place for the entire family.
4. Run the Cowtown Cattlepen Maze
One of my kid's favorite things to do here, they each worked their way through this confusing cattlepen maze. There is a great observation deck to watch your family scramble their way through it.
5. Sit on a Steer
If you've never met a longhorn steer up close, now's your chance.  There are always a few scattered on the street available for pictures, petting, and sitting on.  A small fee is asked for pictures.
6. See the Rodeo
Every Friday and Saturday night at 8pm, see the Stockyards Championship Rodeo at the Cowtown Coliseum.  You can purchase tickets here.
7. Ride a Horse
The Fort Worth Stockyards Stables offers both Trail and Arena horseback riding at the Stockyards.  They also have a great petting zoo for the little ones.

8. Visit the Stockyards Museum
This cool museum has fun artifacts that bring Stockyard history to life.  Make sure you see the 103-year burning light bulb, the bad-luck wedding dress, and the white buffalo skin, among other cool things.
9. Walk the Streets 
We had more fun just walking the streets of the Stockyards.  Watch out for the stars that make up the Texas Trail of Fame, the great murals, and where the Chisholm Trail began. Head over to the Visitors Center to learn about the Historical Walking Tours they offer.
10. Grab a Souvenir & Eat some good grub!
Stockyards Station has lots of fun shops to pick up a cowboy hat or some spurs and inexpensive restaurants to grab a quick bite.  If you want something a bit more a juicy steak, head on up the street and you'll be able to find exactly what you are looking for.
Honestly, the list could be longer!! There is so much fun to be had at the Fort Worth Stockyards!

Other Fun Things to Do in Fort Worth:

Texas Travel Facts for Fort Worth Stockyards:
Location: Visitor's Center: 130 East Exchange Ave. Fort Worth, Texas
Hours: Monday-Friday: 8:30 am - 6:00 pm
             Saturday: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
             Sunday: 11:00 am - 5:00 pm           
Admission: Free, various attractions may cost              
Recommended Time: 3-5 hours 
Good to know: Parking close by, take your time, do what you want, take as many pictures as you'd like!

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