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10 Packing Tips for Travel with Little Ones

Summer is almost here!  If you are heading out to travel with your little ones this summer, here are a few packing tips you may not have thought about.

If you Google “Vacation Packing Tips” you will get a gazillion hits. There are lots of great lists that you can print off to help you pack for any climate you may be visiting. Since everyone has their own way of packing what they feel they need, I don’t feel like I can tell you to bring a certain number of swimsuits or changes of clothes – you know what you feel comfortable with.

What I can do, is provide you with 10 things you didn’t necessarily think of when you are packing. I am a complete under-packer and never have exactly what I need when I need it. So these tips are ones I have discovered by trial and error over the many years I have had children. And these ten items are things I don't leave home without.

10 Quick Packing Tips for Travel with Little Ones

1. Brightly colored outfits: If you dress your kids in bright colors or prints, they are much easier to spot in crowds versus browns or blacks.  And remember what color your child has on for the day!

2. Identification wristbands: I recently did a review on Call Me Cuffs - the preprinted ID bands - and I love them!  My youngest loves to wear his "bracelet".  You can certainly make your own ID bands, pin your contact info on the inside of a pocket or just do what I used to do - write your cell phone on their arm with a marker!

3. Long-sleeved PJs – It never fails - hotel rooms are always 10 degrees colder than home.  So my kids gladly wear longer pjs when we travel.

4. Medicine – You never know what can happen on vacation, so it's best to bring your own supply of medicines your children might need.  I always have pain reliever and allergy medicine with me. Besides, you never know how long that $10 bottle of Children's  Tylenol has been sitting on the hotel gift shop shelf.

5. Umbrella Stroller - Easy to fold and carry, it's always nice to have a place for your little one to rest their legs.  For our family, it allows us to move a bit quicker when we'd like to - especially through the airport.

6. Backpack - Keep 2 hands free at all times by carrying everything you need - wallet, camera, cell phone, bottles, snacks, etc. - in a backpack.

7. Baby Powder - It's the miracle cure for cleaning sand off the body.  Sprinkle it on you hands and wipe all the sand off your kids legs and feet in one motion.

8. Plastic bags - One can never have enough plastic bags to throw wet clothes, garbage, or other stuff in.  Wadded up, they take up no room, so throw a couple in with you.

9. Electronics Bag - Don't ever hunt around for your Kindle charger or camera cords again if you keep them all in a zippered pouch.

10. Child's favorite toy (or 2) - Bring a little piece of home with you on vacation to comfort your child.  Many have said that we are daring as we have always brought our kiddos' blankies/lovies on vacation with us, but it is the best way to get them to sleep at night or calm them down when they are upset.  Maybe you are afraid to lose it?  Ask your child to pick a toy that represents "home" to them.  Tell them if they need a little bit of comfort from home to hold it tight!

I hope these tips help make your travels that much smoother - I am sure there are more great tips out there.  I'd love to hear yours!  Leave me a comment with what you never leave home without!

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Samuel Owen said...

Thank you for your packing tips! I really like them, especially #1. It's a great idea to dress the little ones in brighter colors! I'll use that trick next time!