Friday, June 7, 2013


Summer Nights at SeaWorld San Antonio

There are 90 nights of summer to have fun at SeaWorld San Antonio and it kicks off this weekend with Summer Nights!  Three great new shows have been added to all the already amazing entertainment that SeaWorld offers.  My daughter & I were invited last night to see all three and I have to say, they are fantastic - if you weren't planning on a trip to SeaWorld this summer, these 3 shows may change your mind!

Pets Ahoy
Pets Ahoy opens June 8 in the newly-renovated Sea Star Theater.  This comical show features over 130 rescued animals - yes! rescued from shelters across the country, many of which were in San Antonio!  The show is adorable, featuring dogs, cats, birds, pigs, and even a skunk!  It is heart-warming and makes you want to go home and start teaching your pets some tricks.
After the show, you can meet some of the stars - they love to give kisses!!

And on a side note - you can some some of the amazing conservation efforts that SeaWorld does on the outside of the theater.  Look for the big silver silo - it's job is to collect the 1600 gallons of conservation that the 600-seat air conditioned theater makes each day.  They use that, along with other silos across the park, to water the landscaping.  Way to go SeaWorld!

Opens June 8 - various times throughout the day

Island Nights
Each night at Aquatica, as the sun sets, the beach comes alive with Island Nights.  With Polynesian dancers and music, fun beach games and more, this "show" allows you to participate.  The San Antonio band, Desert Polynesian, is really good - they set the mood perfectly.  My daughter enjoyed limboing and hula hooping yet she shrunk way down in her chair when it came to asking for volunteers to learn to hula.  She enjoyed watching the 2 grown men try it out!
Island Nights is available for guests at Aquatica. You can purchase food & drink tickets for island-inspired concoctions.  It's a really fun experience to close your day at Aquatica.

June 8 - August 25 & August 31 - September 1
Sunday - Friday - 7:00 - 8:45 pm 
Saturday - 7:00 -9:45 pm

Sol Celebration
This dance party has to be the coolest way to end a full day at SeaWorld or Aquatica.  It's colorful, loud, and full of energy.  Even the most tired guest will find themselves dancing along.  The singers & dancers are great.  It is set right at the front entrance of the park and there is not a bad seat as the dancing goes on all around you.
Personally, I love stuff like this - we both thought it was a fun way to send you home and say thanks for spending your day at SeaWorld.  In my opinion, it's worth hanging out for!

Finale Show - each night 15 mins before the park closes

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