Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Day 18 - The Best Find We Almost Missed

It's a new day! Enough of that whining from yesterday - you didn't come hear to read about that, right??  We woke up in beautiful Lake Powell, AZ.  We had arrived too late at night to see how beautiful this lake was.
 There is actually a ton to do here in the area - we had planned on visiting Horseshoe Bend before starting the long drive over to Colorado, but I had asked when we checked in what was the "one thing we should see".  I as so glad I did, because this is what he recommended:
 Antelope Canyon is a slot canyon (narrow canyon formed by rushing water) right outside of Page, AZ.  We toured the Lower Antelope Canyon, where se took a guided tour and descended several ladders to get to the floor of this one.  It was amazing.
 The pics I took on my iPhone are pretty accurate as to how these looked in person, but I can't wait to see how the ones on my Nikon turn out.
 This tour was one of my favorites of the trip.  It was a completely unexpected treat - one that wasn't planned.  Again, the almost-teenager didn't want to go, but completely changed her tune when we got down to the bottom.  I think I may have even heard her say Mom is "RIGHT"!!
 A few more hours east towards Colorado and we come across our next destination - Monument Valley.  Sitting right on the border of Utah and Arizona on the Navajo Tribal Park, you can drive around all of these amazing buttes on a 17-mile bumpy dirt road.  I don;t think we have laughed this much the whole trip - not at the stunning scenery, but the fun ride!!
 Monument valley is so iconic - so many Western films have been shot here, it is what you think of when one mentions the American West.  Another beautiful landscape to see, we kept expecting to run into Mater and Sally!
 On the road again - next stop, Four Corners.  I have always wanted to visit the spot in America where you can be in 4 states at once.  It was pretty funny as I watched my son walk around the vendors in Utah, my daughter stand in line to take our picture straddling Arizona and New Mexico, and my little one sitting on a bench in Colorado.
 There was a line??  Of course - and you have to pay $$$ to get in and see the corner.  It was actually pretty humorous to see people straddling all four states for pictures!  Now I can say I have been there.
And right after that, we finally crossed over into our SEVENTH and final state of our Bigger Than Texas Road Trip!!

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