Thursday, July 25, 2013


Day 19 - Let's Go on the Alpine Slide Again and Again!!!

We arrived really really late to our ski lodge in Durango, Colorado last night, so imagine our reaction when we woke up to this view from our balcony!!!
Colorado is awesome during the summer time (it's pretty awesome in winter too!)! The air is chilly, yet the sun shines to warm you.  The smell of pine is in the air and people are really, really happy.  I can imagine why - if live here or just visiting, it is beautiful.

We had a fun day planned at Durango Mountain Resort.  During the summer months, Purgatory Ski Resort turns into a big Summer Mountain playground and we planned to do it all today.  We were so excited, that we completely forgot how to behave when we got there and threw a big fit over nothing important.  So keeping it real here folks, this little man needed a time out to get his attitude back in check.
 Alright, time out over - let's Zipline!! By now, these kids should be pros at it!
 Little man was all gung-ho to try out the bungee bounce, until his first bounce sent him sky-rocketing into the air so high, he wanted down NOW!!!  Honestly, it was a little un-nerving to see him fly!
 On to the Alpine Slide - we had to hop on a ski lift for this one.  I have an unnatural fear of ski lifts - I am fine riding them, but I wonder how many people fall off them and break their legs, so I am clutching onto everything the whole ride.

Funny enough, my little man had no fear at all - in this pic, you can see the reflection of the bottom of the alpine slide in my glasses.
 Which we all love, by the way.  It is tons of fun - you can control your speed and as long as you don't lean into the turns, you don't fall out.  My youngest rode with me and kept asking me to go faster! We enjoyed the slide so much, we rode it 3 times - all because little man couldn't get enough and wanted to go Again, AGAIN!
 Did I mention they had hamster balls?  And an adventure ropes course?  A rock-climbing wall? A bucking bull? Mining for your own gems?  Wild West Photos??  The list goes on and on.  It was such a FUN day spent in the Colorado sun.  And guess what?  No rain!!
 I should have kept them in here for a few hours and enjoyed the patio......
 We finished the day with something mom wanted to do.  The scenic chair lift ride up the mountain.  A 40 minute ride to the top and back where we saw deer, marmets (think - huge rat), mountain bikers, and a stunning view all the way down.
I think it was the first time on the entire trip where I felt 100% relaxed.  I sat for a full 45 minutes, talking to my youngest, enjoying the view.  This is what I wanted for the trip - memories like this.

I'm so glad we have one more day in Colorado. 

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