Thursday, September 12, 2013


Friday Daydreamin': Tearin' Up Tulsa

Happy Friday friends! Time for Friday Daydreamin'! 

After a few weeks taken off this summer (In case you haven't heard, I went on a "little" road trip), Friday Daydreamin' is back!

Join us each Friday by linking up your favorite travel post of the week! 

I love this link-up party because I get to learn & see so much travel through the eyes of all my fellow travel bloggers.  I have learned so many amazing things and seen some gorgeous pictures thanks to y'all sharing your travels here.  I hope you continue to do so.

Last weekend, I went on my annual girls trip.  The 6 of us meet each year in a new location and this year was in Tulsa, OK.  We stayed in a gorgeous B&B - Stone Creek Bed & Breakfast which had the BEST breakfast & gourmet desserts.  We had late nights and lazy mornings.  We shopped, painted, talked, ate (a lot), and laughed until our bellies ached.  And we took our annual picture - I love the colorful mural!!

The 6 of us are not really all that alike - but we get a long so well.  Though we only see each other once a year, we always seem to click right away.  This is a group of women that I would love to have as neighbors. I cherish our weekends we have!!

Tell me about your favorite travel post of the week!  Link up below and take some time to visit the others that link up too!


A said...

That is great that you still have an annual trip! I have never been to Tulsa, but it seems like it would be a pretty cool place.

Michele {Malaysian Meanders} said...

I've never been on a Girls Trip, but it sounds like an awesome idea. Never been to Tulsa either.

Mary {The World Is A Book} said...

So glad you had a fun weekend with your girlfriends. It was fun following you along on Instagram. Makes me wish my girls trip was soon instead of next year.

Tonya {The Traveling Praters} said...

What a fun getaway! It sounds like you had a great time.

Kate @WildTalesof... said...

I loved following along with your trip on instagram! Great picture of you and your "girls"!