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What New Delhi Can Offer Your Kids

On your next trip to New Delhi, don’t hesitate bring your whole family along with you. The nation’s capital has plenty of activities that will please even the youngest member of your party. The following are some family-pleasing ideas for where to go and what to see. 

Historical Sites
The crowded streets of our capital are rife with historical importance. Although children may not be able to grasp the full nuance behind the long and complicated history of New Delhi, showing them the Red Fort, Humayun’s Tomb and the Qutub Minar will impress them. Hopefully, it’ll also give them respect for their ancestors who built such amazing monuments and will spark their curiosity later when they study these sites at school.

The Red Fort is an especially interesting place to take your kids. Point out how the vast red walls keep out the noise and bustle of the city streets outside. Ask them to imagine how the fortifications would have protected the Mughal builders from invaders. As a bonus, it’s also one of the easiest attractions to get to because of its location in the city centre. Visit to find out more about which New Delhi hotels in the centre are best for groups travelling with kids.

A tip for an enjoyable visit to one of the historical sites: Because these national treasures are often crowded with other tourists, there is often a long wait to get in. Make sure you’ve brought water and amusements, such as a storybook or tablet computer, with you to entertain your children while you wait.

The Children’s Park at India Gate
While many adults want to visit India Gate because of its significance as a war memorial and recognizable city landmark, the younger members of your party will be content with a visit to the nearby Children’s Park. In addition to swing sets and other playground equipment, the park has a library, an aquarium — and plenty of room to run and play.

The National Science Centre
The National Science Centre in New Delhi is one of the nation’s premier places to foster a love of learning and science in your children. The centre, which was founded in 1992, features galleries on water, technology, human biology and prehistoric life. However, the favourite for your group may end up being the Fun Science Gallery. Here, children can explore 137 hands-on exhibits and marvel in a 3-D theatre.

The National Zoological Park
Go wild on your trip to New Delhi with a visit to the National Zoological Park where adults and children alike will be amazed by encounters with some of India’s most intriguing animals. You can see deer, birds, elephants, Bengal tigers, civet cats, hippos, hyenas and African lions while exploring the zoo’s shady walking paths.

National Bal Bhavan
What’s a better activity for your kids than going to a museum designed specifically for children? The National Bal Bhavan features permanent and temporary exhibits that have been made with the goal of enriching children’s curiosity about history and the world around them. One of the most intriguing exhibits is Hamara Bharat (Our India), a showcase of India’s rich culture. At the centre, there are also daily workshops and other creative and science-based activities children may take part in.

Worlds of Wonder and Adventure Island Amusement Parks
If your children are ready for more excitement than historical sites and museums typically offer, then a day at an amusement park is in order. The New Delhi area’s top-rated amusement parks are Worlds of Wonder, which is southeast of the city centre in Noida, and Adventure Island, located northwest of the city centre in Rohini. Adventure Island has adrenaline-boosting rides and water park attractions, like a rain dance area. Worlds of Wonder separates rides into sections for thrill-seekers and the more faint of heart. Both amusement parks are connected to shopping malls full of restaurants, food stall and additional entertainment.

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