Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Good Time Adventures ~ Breckenridge, CO

Y'all remember my first time ski trip to Breckenridge, Colorado last winter - the one where I fell in love with skiing??  There was another amazing experience on that trip that I just have to tell you about.  Another first for our family - dog sledding with Good Time Adventures.  It was absolutely one of the coolest things we have done!

When I first heard that we could experience dog sledding while we were in Breckenridge, I assumed we would be riding all together in a cute little sleigh behind a team of huskies.  I thought we'd be along for the ride.  I thought it would be no work on our part - just take some cute pictures and enjoy the experience.  Well, I thought wrong.

At Good Time Adventures, you are actually driving the team of huskies - you are in control and it's exhilarating y'all!! Mush!!

When you first arrive, you are offered proper clothing - as you are flying through the snow, and there is a potential to fall into the snow...... trust me on this one. And then you get to meet the teams. 

Such a fun photo opp - these huskies are lovable and friendly.

All my fears on driving the team quickly disappeared as we met our guide and he took the time to show us how to run the team.  Each tour accommodates up to 6 people.  Two go on the sled, while the other 4 ride with the guide ahead of the team.  The 6 mile tour through the Rockies is done in a relay style with each person getting the opportunity to ride the sleigh and guide the team.

I let both my children try it before me and they were naturals.  You have to remember when to "help the team out a bit" and how to lean into the turns so as to not tip over, but it really is easy and a fun way to see the backcountry of the beautiful Colorado Rockies.  I mean, look at this scenery!

I loved having the ability to sit in front of my kiddos and take pictures of all their fun - it was a great way to record all these cool memories.

Dog Sledding is something that should be on your bucket list.  And it's an incredible way to see the Colorado Rockies.  Next time you plan a ski trip, especially to the Breckenridge area, put Good Time Adventures on your to do list!

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My family and I were invited to visit Breckenridge, Colorado as guests of the Breckenridge CVB.  I was not financially compensated for this post.  All opinions of Breckenridge, Colorado are strictly my own based on my experience.  


eileen @ FamiliesGo! said...

Looks fun! We had a chance to dog sled in Lake Placid but the dogs seemed to be working so hard, I felt bad for them and didn't do it!

Tonya {The Traveling Praters} said...

This looks like so much fun! My cousin worked in Alaska with a dog sled team and shared many stories with my family. I doubt we'll make it back to Alaska just for dog sledding, but Colorado is a manageable feat.