Sunday, January 19, 2014


What's in Your Trunk?: A Trunk Junk Instagram Contest

This is a sponsored post by State Farm.  I have written it and it's my opinion. And it was a very good reminder of the fact that I do not have a smart trunk. 

What's in your Trunk?  Now, you can lie to me but that does you no good.

Is it filled with stuff to take to the donation center, kids' sports equipment, workout gear, craft store returns, a child's coat that he "can't find", and a Christmas present I still haven't found time to deliver?

Mine is.

And where is the Emergency Road kit that I lovingly prepared for our Bigger Than Texas Road Trip last summer?

Sitting in the garage, where my kids trip over it daily and it does me no good. Whoops.

This most definitely is not an example of a Smart Trunk.

It's smart to have your trunk filled with necessities for a Roadside emergency, in this kind of weather especially.  Even on a short trip to the mall, anything can happen and you may find yourself in need of a set of jumper cables (maybe even more than once....or twice....true story).  And I recently read a survey that showed men were more likely than women to have items in their trunks for preparation of a roadside emergency.  I'm the one who is driving the kids around more than my husband, yet I wasn't prepared.  That has got to change.

So what belongs in a Smart Trunk?
- jumper cables
- blankets/warm clothing
- spare tire & tools to change it with
- cell phone & cell phone charger
- flashlight (with charged batteries)
- non-perishable food (peanut butter crackers, nuts, granola bars)
- first aid kit
- windshield scraper
- water
For more ideas, click here.

Pack all your items in a bag and stow it in there. Don't remove it for any reason, or it may end up on the floor of your garage and be "forgotten". Where will that get you in the middle of an emergency?

And to have a little fun with this, State Farm has offered a few incentives to see your trunk.  Is it messy? Full of junk??  Don't straighten it out - go snap a picture of it right now and post it to Instagram with with hashtag #TrunkJunkSF

From Monday, January 20, 2014 through Monday, February 4, 2014, I will be randomly selecting TrunkJunk photos and awarding some super cool prizes!

3 winners will receive a $100 Gift Card from State Farm
5 winners will receive a State Farm Safe Trunk Makeover 

So get to posting and let me see those photos!! But then afterwards, do yourself a favor and put together a Safe Trunk, will ya?


eileen @ FamiliesGo! said...

we have the tire changing stuff, water and spare blanket, probably a flashlight. but then our "essentials" include ice skates, a beach umbrella and portable folding chair (probably not to be used at the same time as the ice skates), baby bjorn potty and old baby blankets in case of motion sickness, and an Ikea shopping bag we always forget to bring in when we go to Ikea. Oh, and there is usually a not-too-old cereal bar in a flavor my child no longer eats somewhere in the front seat.

Tammy S said...

So I posted a picture of my sad trunk on Instagram. I have only posted like 3 pictures, so I hope I did it correctly. My Instagram name is coupontammy. Please let me know if I did it wrong. Thanks for the chance.

tntschiff (at) gmail (dot) com

Dory said...

Oh how fun! As soon as I go outside (brrrrrr) I'm going to be doing this and posting to my Instagram (@dorydoyle). I love this!

B said...

Posting now :)

B said...

I posted yesterday. My massive stroller and bag of hand-me-downs overwhelmed everything else :)