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10 Tips to a Great Time at Schlitterbahn ~ New Braunfels, TX

Schlitterbahn is unlike any other waterpark out there. That said, to make it an awesome day at Schlitterbahn, it's good to be prepared with a few helpful tips.

We went last week, and though I have been many times, I still was able to pick up some tips I wanted to share with you for your next trip!

10 Schlitterbahn Tips

Schlitterbahn Tip #1: Get to the parks right when they open and start at Schlitterbahn East. We arrived a little before 10:00 am and pulled right into the parking lot.  They had not opened the gates so we had a chance to apply sunblock.  We like to go to Surfenburg to start to catch lines when they are small - especially for the Master Blaster & WolfPack, which tend to become hour-long waits later in the day. 

Schlitterbahn Tip #2: Grab a table in the shade when you first arrive and set up base camp. Great thing is there's lots of shade all over Schlitterbahn! There are lockers available, but we tend to just leave our stuff out - no one has ever messed with it. A base camp makes it easier to find everyone and have a meeting place. 

Schlitterbahn Tip #3: Don't leave your little ones at home! There are so many fun kid-sized slides for them all over the park! I have taken my youngest to Schlitterbahn since he was 2 and I have always found something for him to play on.  From Pirate Ships with soft slides to water structures that spray, it has helped build his confidence to try the bigger stuff with his siblings.  Take a look at an article I wrote last year about why you should take toddlers to Schlitterbahn.

Schlitterbahn Tip #4: No need to bring a puddle jumper or water wings for the little ones! They provide life jackets and tubes for all sizes! 

Schlitterbahn Tip #5: Bring a cooler filled with food to eat on all day!! Eat healthy and save money by pack a cooler full of drinks and food.  Here are some ideas of what to take:

  • homemade sandwichs (make them ahead of time)
  • individual chips/snacks (saves wet hands getting into the chip bag)
  • cut up fruit
  • pre-made salad
  • drinks in cans or plastic bottles (no glass or alcohol)
  • homemade desserts (rice krispie treats are a favorite)
  • paper plates, napkins, utensils
  • rolling cooler

Schlitterbahn Tip #6: Check out the Cabanas you can rent at Surfenburg! They have private areas to relax away from the crowds at all of the parks now. So this may not be a tip- more of an FYI - Had I known about them, I would have reserved one in advance.  It's perfect for big parties or families!

Schlitterbahn Tip #7: Spend the morning at Surfenburg & Tubenbach and then head over to Schlitterbahn West in the afternoon. The Original Park has tons of shade trees and the water is cooler because it's river water. There just seems to be more space to play and longer water rides - perfect place to spend the hot afternoon.

Schlitterbahn Tip #8: Set a time to all meet back at a central location/ base camp. We learned this valuable lesson when our 2 boys didn't come back for a few hours. Make sure someone in the group wears a watch and you all set a time to meet. 

Schlitterbahn Tip #9: Sunscreen & Water Shoes are your friends. Lots of sun and lots of walking - protect your skin & your feet!

Schlitterbahn Tip #10: Make a weekend out if it by staying on property at one of the Treehouses. When you stay at the resort, admission to parks is included for both days for your family and you get the first hour of the park to yourself!

Before you go, check out my Top Ten Reasons to go to Schlitterbahn this summer post.

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Texas Travel Facts for Schlitterbahn:
Location: 305 West Austin Street, New Braunfels, TX
Hours: Summer Schedule Varies- click here 
Admission: Ticket Prices vary - online or at HEB is your best bet. There is a deal at Simon Malls - get 2 tickets for $85 and you get a $25 Simon gift card - makes the tickets on $30 each.  Call before heading to the mall - they only have a limited amount.
Recommended Time: ALL DAY!! 
Good to know: Sunscreen it up - lots of unshaded areas; bring a cooler (no glass or alcohol); lockers are available for valuables; get there early; weekdays during the summer are less crowded

Disclosure: My family and I were invited to visit the water parks and were provided admission. I was not financially compensated for this post.  All opinions of the Schlitterbahn are strictly my own based on my experience. 

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